Hello! My name is Federica, I am an Italian girl living in Perth, Scotland. I love tea (I have about twenty different types of tea in my flat), animals, creating stuff and nerdy things. Nice to meet you!

Photography has been a passion of mine from a young age. I got my parents to buy me a polaroid when I was about 9 years old (I only had toy and Kodak cameras up to that point) and it all escalated from there. It has mostly stayed a hobby for all these years, until a year ago, when I started studying Digital Photography at Perth College UHI and thinking more seriously about becoming a professional photographer.

As a photographer, I mainly strive to capture moments in time and people for posterity. I want to capture as many unique moments and subjects as I can, to give people and things a ‘place in time’, so to speak; to make sure no one and nothing is forgotten or looked past.

I offer a variety of photographic services which you can check out in the Hire Me page.

I especially enjoy cosplay, portrait, concert, fashion and pet photography, but more often than not you’ll find me practising all kinds of photography, including nature, street, interior, food and landscape.

When I’m not out and about with my camera, I can be found writing (mainly stories and band/media reviews), reading, practising kung fu and enjoying a nice cosy rainy day.