Life After Z (Short Film)


A terrible virus swept the nation, turning people into zombies. Six months later… they turned back. Now suffering from PZSD and struggling with discrimination, ex-zombies (“zedders”) find it hard to reintegrate back into society. Frank North is one of the few Z patients who has allowed a documentary team to follow a day in his life.

Life After Z is a zomcom short film co-created with Peter Murphy.

It was made between October 2019 and January 2020.
(Yes, before Covid-19 happened!)

(Please note: as it is currently being entered into film festivals, it won’t be available online yet.)

DirectorPeter Murphy
WritersPeter Murphy
Federica La Marca
(+ Camera Work)
Peter Murphy
Federica La Marca
SoundFederica La Marca
EditorFederica La Marca