As a photographer, I strive to capture moments in time and people for posterity. I want to capture as many unique moments and subjects as I can, to give people and things a ‘place in time’, so to speak; to make sure no one and nothing is forgotten or looked past.

As a professional, I take my photography work seriously and I always strive to deliver the perfect images to my clients and produce work I can be proud of. Whatever images I am making, I always want them to be honest, natural and authentic. In my client work, I always aim to capture the essence of the subject and put forward a message or a story or give context and meaning to a photograph via personal touches that I come up with based on the shoot.

I specialise in gig/band/artist, fashion, portraiture and cosplay.

Gig/Band & Artist

When it comes to gig photography, I strive to capture the atmosphere of the concert and the energy of the performance. To achieve that, I use the low and atmospheric stage lighting to my advantage, as well as capture the key moments of the show to create a cohesive theme and story.

Are you a band or an artist of any kind with a vision in mind or an identity you want to show to the world? Do you want to stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of people? If you are a musician or an artist, I can help you capture the attention of new fans for your gigs and your music, or promote your art to those who matter.

I love working with other creatives with a vision. Whether you have a full-blown idea in your head or just a concept that you’d like more help developing, I would be more than happy to help you make that vision come true.

Fashion & Cosplay

I appreciate the love and care that goes into coordinating a wardrobe, or planning and sewing a costume from scratch. I am really passionate about fashion and cosplay photography and would love to work with you, to help you reach a bigger audience, show off your effort, or simply have good photos of your costume/outfit. I’ll make sure to co-ordinate a shoot that suits your cosplay, so that you can treasure those photos. Whether you’re a professional, a blogger, or a hobbyist, I would be more than happy to work with you.


My aim with portraiture is to capture the essence of the subject, whether that may be through poses, locations, or props. I always try to give my portraiture a purpose and produce timeless images. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’ll be happy to work with you.


Below are some guidelines for my rates:

Solo artist photoshoot: Starting at £50, up to £200.

Band photoshoot: Dependant on the size of the band, between £20 and £60 per band member.

Concert/gig: £40 per hour. Please note that £40 is the minimum charge for gigs even if the length is under an hour.

Fashion/Cosplay/Portraiture: Starting at £50, up to £200.

Please bear in mind that these are ranges and prices vary depending on the specifications, locations and needs of your project. Contact me for a full quote. We can also negotiate a price and a timescale that would suit you.

Something else?

Do you have a project that doesn’t necessarily fit into these four categories but you like my style and want to work together? Feel free to drop me a line! Depending on what you have in mind, I may be more than happy to help.